Announcement 1Know India Programme (KIP)

1Know India Programme (KIP)


Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy announces that the six editions (60th to 65th) of Know India Programme (KIP) are scheduled to be held in current FY. KIPs are planned to be conducted between July 2020 – February 2021, in partnership with Indian States of Karnataka, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Odisha. Names of two Partner States to be informed later. For information on KIP guidelines and eligibility criteria, Please see attachments.

2. Please note: Due to uncertainty with regard to international travel and COVID-19 situation in India, we are unable to announce the schedule for the forthcoming KIPs. However, above announcement is intended to identify eligible Indian diaspora youth in Sri Lanka who may like to participate in the KIP later this year or early next year. Those interested to participate may please contact us at our telephone numbers : 081 2222652; 081 2223786 or at our email Once the KIP schedule is published, these participants would be required to register themselves on KIP Portal at a short notice under intimation to us.

Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy

17 June 2020


KIP Guidelines PDF