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Library at the Chancery premises of the Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy has been in existence from 2003. It has as interesting collection of books in English, Hindi & Tamil on various subjects.

The collection consistsof books onIndian history, Cultural Heritage, economies, Story Books, Children Books, Tourism, Leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, Philosophers, Paintings, art and culture. It has a particularly exciting collection of books on contemporary Indian literature. There is also a reference section with encyclopaedias, dictionaries (English, Hindi and Tamil) and coffee table books. While the bulk of the books are in English the library also has a substantial number of books in Hindi and Tamil language.

Government of India, Ministry of External Affairsand Public Diplomacypublished “INDIA PERSPECTIVE” monthly E-Magazine is available in 14 Languages. Readers can alsoread the magazine in their chosen language online from following web sites and faceextlink book.

The above magazine in Hindi, English, in Sinhala and in Tamil and French are available in our Library at Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy for issue free of charge to interested readers.

One can visit library on working days (except saturday, sunday & public holidays) from 09:00 AM to 05:30 PM.