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History of AHCI

Celebrating 100 Years of Establishment of Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy

    The then British Government appointed ‘Agent of the Government of India’ in Kandy in 1923. It was the only office of India in Sri Lanka at that time, established to safeguard the interests of Indian immigrant labourers in Ceylon. Mr. Subramanya Ranganathan was appointed as the first Agent of Government of India from 01 October 1923. In 1948, the office was renamed as ‘Visa office of Government of India’. Former President Hon’ble V.V. Giri served as the first Visa Officer in Kandy before moving to Colombo as the first High Commissioner of India to Sri Lanka. In September 1965, Government of India renamed the office as ‘Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy’.

2.  An ordinance was passed with the assent of Governor C. Clementi in 1923 to amend the Law relating to Indian Immigrant Labourers. Section 8 of Ordinance No. 1 of 1923 had provisions for appointment of Agent of Government of India.

3.  Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy, the oldest office of Indian Government abroad, is completing 100 years of its establishment in 2023. This year also marks 200 years of arrival of Indian Origin Tamils to Sri Lanka and the majority of Indian Origin Tamils reside in the jurisdiction of this Post.

4.  This Commemorative Stamp is being released on the occasion of 100 Years of Establishment of Assistant High Commission of India, Kandy. The Logo in the Stamp, selected through a contest, with participation of both Indians and Sri Lankans, is a blend of both Indian and Sri Lankan elements.

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